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KennelFresh-444 - 32oz

KennelFresh-444 - 32oz Image

We love our pets! To many times, they're not "just pets", they're our children - our babies. And even our well-trained "babies" have "accidents" from time to time.

Odors from urine and feces or a "wet pet odor" can be very embarrassing, but now you don't have to worry. Just use KennelFresh-444™ and eliminate the odors!

KennelFresh-444™ is environmentally safe... Non-toxic, it's safe for use around pets, humans and plant life and it eliminates odors from pert urine or feces. It also eliminates pet stains from urine or feces too.

FREE SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES! Simply fill the container with water.

KennelFresh-444™ is easy to use! Just spray the source of the odor and the areas around it and the odor is gone. KennelFresh-444™ can be sprayed directly on litter boxes and you can also spray it safely on water-safe furniture & material.

To remove stains, spray KennelFresh-444™ directly onto the stain as soon as possible after it occurs and place a "more-than-damp" cloth is old or very persistent, repeat the procedure until gone.

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