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SeptiKleen-442, 32 oz

SeptiKleen-442, 32 oz Image

SeptiSaver-442™ is a blend of naturally occurring microbials, enzymes and surfactants formulated as a septic tank cleaner for use in residences, restaurants, hotels, food processing plants, waste treatment systems, etc. It cleans and re-activates septic tanks, cesspools and drain fields whose biological activity has been destroyed or impaired by the excessive use of strong caustics, detergents, bleaches and/or destructive chemical additives.

For a typical 3 bedroom home: Use two quarts to start, and then add 1 quart every 2 - 3 months, or as required. To apply, simply pour the product down any toilet in the house, and flush the toilet. For heavily clogged drains, use 1 gal for initial application.

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Weight:4.000 lbs