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MuniNP-429, 4 - 8 oz bottles

MuniNP-429, 4 - 8 oz bottles Image

Bacterial colonization of GFT bio-complex products requires the presence of suitable organic carbon, and of inorganically or organically bound nitrogen and phosphate. Bacteria use organic material for growth. They obtain it from dissolved organic substances in the effluent or from the particles to which they attach themselves. Bacteria also need nitrogen and phosphate for growth. They extract this from the organic material on which they grow.

Bacterial growth (colonization) is limited by the supply of organic material. If this limitation is removed by the addition of organic material nitrogen and phosphate, growth will be stimulated. During bacterial growth, part of the organic food is used as energy and, as part of the metabolic process, is broken down into carbon dioxide and water. GFT’s MuniNP-429 provides buffered sources of nitrogen and phosphate to stimulate the microbes’ colonization and assure that they have a continuous energy source for their growth.

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