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FOGBloc-428, 1 - 2Lb Block

FOGBloc-428, 1 - 2Lb Block Image

The MuniFOG-428 formula contain additional bacterial strains which will colonize in low oxygen facultative degradation environments, compounds for degradation of FOG compounds, detergents and surfactants, strains for degradation of phenolic and other aromatic compounds, cellulosic waste degraders, hydrocarbon and wax degraders, sulfide and noxious odor reduction and the breakdown of starches, sugars and other carbohydrates. Any material other than the above will not be affected by the bio-complex products and will remain after treatment. FOGBloc-428, adds the benefit of long-lasting treatment, as the bloc slowly dissolves in the high-flow rate sewer/lift-station environments.

Use one 2 lb block for every 3000 gallons of grease trap capacity every 2 -4 months depending on the flow rates through the trap. Hang block about halfway into the trap so it is continuously covered with wastewater.

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Weight:3.000 lbs