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FOGX-427, 4 - 16 oz bottles

FOGX-427, 4 - 16 oz bottles Image

The GreenFlash Technologies Grease Remediation Process consists of two products, FOGX-427™ and DrainSaver-423™. These products are used jointly to treat the grease trap and drains leading to the trap. The main constituents of these products are microbial bio-complexes (principally natural bacteria); enzymes to enhance the biological reactions plus surfactants to aid the cleansing process and maintain the bioremediation action. Multiple microbials are employed to address all of the potential grease and fat contaminants in the trap. The products are formulated to rapidly bio-degrade grease, oils and organic solids in grease traps and significantly deodorize the effluent within the traps and drains leading to the traps. The grease and fat contaminants are totally eliminated and cannot re-form in the trap or in the sewer system.

Once applied, FOGX-427™ will immediately start to grow colonies of bacteria on the walls, baffles, and the top and bottom of the grease trap. Colonies will also start to grow on the grease crust itself. One of the principal advantages of treatment with FOGX-427™ is that it will clean the entire grease trap. The average grease trap will require about 4 weeks to bring "under control" depending on trap capacity and volume into the trap.

Apply 8 oz per 1000 gallons of grease trap capacity every week. To apply, pour contents into any drain leading to the grease trap.

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