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MuniFog-425, 5 lb

MuniFog-425, 5 lb Image

In a municipal sewer and lift station environment that is contaminated by fats, oils and grease (FOG), GFT’s MuniFOG-425, FOGBloc-428 and MuniNP-429 together provide a complete solution to the problems of blockage, odor and increased BOD to the municipal wastewater processing plant. The effluent in municipal sewer systems is highly complex. It contains a wide variety of substances, both organic and inorganic, pathogenic and harmless, and both toxic and environmentally safe. GFT’s multi-microbe products handle all of these substances with the right remediation formulae for the task. Lift stations and “wet wells” are generally steel containers that are in a constantly corrosive environment from the multiple contaminants inherent in a typical sewer atmosphere. Grease from various food particles is a particularly challenging complex that cause buildup and slug loadings reducing the sewers and lift station flow capacity.
The MuniFOG-425 formula contain additional bacterial strains which will colonize in low oxygen facultative degradation environments, compounds for degradation of FOG compounds, detergents and surfactants, strains for degradation of phenolic and other aromatic compounds, cellulosic waste degraders, hydrocarbon and wax degraders, sulfide and noxious odor reduction and the breakdown of starches, sugars and other carbohydrates. Any material other than the above will not be affected by the bio-complex products and will remain after treatment.

Apply 3 - 4 lb per week for each 100,000 gallons of daily flow rate to bring sewer or lift station under control. Then reduce to 3 lb every other week to maintain free running conditions.

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Weight:10.000 lbs