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SD-1051 / SD-1061 1 ea 32 oz botttle

SD-1051 / SD-1061 1 ea 32 oz botttle Image

One (1 ) each 32 oz bottle of SaltDetox-1051 & SaltDetox-1061 to provide a dual technology solution for your salt contamination problem.

Salt infestation in soil can be sometimes so elusive that when you don't see "white crystals", you may believe you don't have a salt problem. But we'll bet your plants are showing the stress of salt - making you wonder why a certain crop or plant isn't growing like it should be. In fact, 15 feet away, the same crop or plant is thriving, so now you're really perplexed!

Many times salt infestation is minor enough that you can't see it and only a soil analysis will show you just how "salt-infested" the soil really is. Not all of us can afford to have soil analysis' run on our soils, so half the time we just "wing it".

The easiest way to tell if you have a problem is to look at your plant. Of course, often a salt-infested soil problem is obvious because the excess soluble salts will often crystallize on the surface, while thin, patchy salt crusts will form under clods or on the shady side of clods where marginal salt problems are found.

Because saline soils tend to inhibit germination and emergence of plants, patterns of growth in fields will be poor, with spotty "stand" establishment. When crops are under severe salt stress, crops will appear a bluish-green in color or the leaf tips will burn and die-off on older leaves.

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