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KennelFresh-444 Concentrate - 16 oz

KennelFresh-444 Concentrate - 16 oz Image

KennelFresh-444™ concentrate is a concentrated version of our proprietary bio-complex product that permanently eliminates pet based organic odors and stains.

To make a ready-to-use (RTU) version, simply mix one (1) part of concentrate with 11 parts of water. This 16 oz bottle will make 1.5 gallons of RTU product.


Odors from urine and feces or a "wet pet odor" can be very embarrassing, but now you don't have to worry. Just use KennelFresh-444™ and eliminate the odors!

KennelFresh-444™ is environmentally safe... Non-toxic, it's safe for use around pets, humans and plant life and it eliminates odors from pet urine or feces. It also eliminates pet stains from urine or feces too.

KennelFresh-444™ is easy to use! Just spray the source of the odor and the areas around it and the odor is gone. KennelFresh-444™ can be sprayed directly on litter boxes and you can also spray it safely on water-safe furniture & material.

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