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KennelFresh-444 Concentrate - 8 oz

KennelFresh-444 Concentrate - 8 oz Image

KennelFresh-444™ concentrate is a concentrated version of our proprietary bio-complex product that permanently eliminates pet based organic odors and stains.

To make a ready-to-use (RTU) version, simply mix one (1) part of concentrate with 11 parts of water. This 8 oz bottle will make 0.75 gallons of RTU product.


Odors from urine and feces or a "wet pet odor" can be very embarrassing, but now you don't have to worry. Just use KennelFresh-444™ and eliminate the odors!

KennelFresh-444™ is environmentally safe... Non-toxic, it's safe for use around pets, humans and plant life and it eliminates odors from pet urine or feces. It also eliminates pet stains from urine or feces too.

KennelFresh-444™ is easy to use! Just spray the source of the odor and the areas around it and the odor is gone. KennelFresh-444™ can be sprayed directly on litter boxes and you can also spray it safely on water-safe furniture & material.

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