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OdorOut-222 is a proprietary bio-complex product that permanently eliminates organic based odors. Can be used on surfaces or in the air. ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE! Harmless to humans, animals and marine life.

Excellent for use in heads and galleys! Spray directly onto any fabric including clothing, carpeting, curtains, and bedspreads. Excellent for getting out the smell of cigar and cigarette smoke in the air or on clothes. Eliminates everyday odors so you can isolate sources of serious odors such as fuel or holding tank leaks.

OdorOut-222 removes the smell and source of mold, mildew, smoke, fish and ANY organic-based odor. It even removes long-standing embedded odors as well as transient odors. Please remember that most supermarket air fresheners contain many toxic ingredients and do nothing more than cover up the odor with another, or interfere with your sense of smell.

OdorOut-222 is available in multiple sizes, including a 1-ounce spray convenient for a purse!

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