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A 100% green perspective for home/outdoor organic odor removal, soil contamination remedies, plant and tree health maintenance, specialized drain cleaners for grease impacted drains, cleaning and deodorizing treatments for septic systems and much more.
GFT provides eco-friendly technologies with products focused on solutions in agricultural and environmental quality.

All of Our natural, bio-degradable and many times organic products are designed to treat common problems without compromising quality or negatively impacting the environment. Our "Solutions-Driven Systems" focuses on not only fixing/remedying such problems, but aims to promote a more ecologically conscious society through the use of our products.
Our "Solutions-Driven Systems" cover a wide variety of challenges and sensitive issues including:
Restoration of soils damaged by salts, oils, chemicals and human/natural misuse Soil salinity is one of the most serious agricultural harms we are facing, due to the accumulation of salts in soil capillaries leading to a sharp decrease in plant fertility. This creates a domino effect of much more serious problems for the entire landscape of agricultural health. The GreenFlash Technologies' Salt Detoxification Process and Technology (GFT SDP) employs a multi-technology approach to specifically address both the soil structure conditions and the plant nutrient and water uptake mechanisms. Results are normally visibly observable within two months after the first application.

Removal of organic odors and stains from all sources, such as skunks, animal urine, blood, smoke, cooking, etc.
Odors are caused by the discharge from an organic source, the bacterial breakdown of the discharge and the compounds released in the process. The products attack the source of the odor (or stain) to breakup and eliminate all organic-based odor and stain molecules

Improved quality health of plants, trees and crops For a solution to wilting unhealthy plants and trees by avoiding costly arborist services, our TreePrime solutions will promote the longevity of trees by treating the soil in the root zone of the tree and provide an environment for optimal tree health. Keep your trees younger stronger and enjoy green leaves longer!

Drain maintenance to reduce grease, sludge, organic wastes and oils from, ponds, grease, traps, municipal treatment facilities, sea water, etc.
GFT sewer products contain bio-complexes of microbial strains that consume sewer grease. Sewer, lift-stations, wet wells, and grease Interceptor environments are full of varying kinds of grease, oil and sewage compounds that are uniquely difficult to maintain in a clean, odorless condition. Our solutions effectively eliminate the organic molecules associated with these environments, including pungent odors and grease buildup and clogging.

Salinity affects soil when soluble salts are accumulated at the soil surface. Excess salt negatively affects crops by inhibiting seed germination, slowing plant growth, and depleting water intake. Good drainage prevents soil salt accumulation, but oftentimes, more action is required. Salt accumulation is caused by natural processes, such as transportation by salt-laden waters followed by evaporation at the soil surface. Humans play a large role in salt salinity. Fertilizers can drastically increase soil salinity levels. Other activities such as land clearing and salting icy roads can cause salt-ridden runoff to reach crops.
GreenFlash Technology has developed two natural solutions to counteract the negative effects of soil salinity on plants and crops. GFT's SaltDetox-1051 is a natural solution to bio-activate natural algae and secondary metabolites to counteract the harmful effects of salt on soil.
Salt-Detox-1051 - contains organic acids (i.e.,aromatic compounds) that break the sodium free from its current combinations (with Ca, Mg, Clay, other heavy metals, etc...) and complexes it to the organic acid molecule. It thus becomes an organic compound which will not then be toxic to the plant . Additionally, other nutrients in the soil (Ca, Mg, Si, etc...) are broken free from their sodium compounds and carried into the plant for nutrients uptake. This leaves the sodium alone to be carried away from the root zone by the water and even leached deeper into the ground. The sodium then never gets a chance to be assimilated into the plant because it has no carrier.

SaltDetox-1061 - contains live microorganisms and nutrients to increase plant growth. It contains live microbes that increase the microbial activity in the plant rhizosphere, and helps break down the salt molecule into its component ions. Healthy and active microbial populations in the soil convert organic K+, Mg+ and Ca++ to the mineral form which makes them more readily available to plants through osmotic action than any sodium present within the root zone. Therefore, the plant uptakes the K+, Mg+ and Ca++ and rejects the Na+.
When applied to crops, the plants are able to buffer and reduce salt levels, allowing them to increase water intake and nutrients. Our formulas contains no toxic or harmful chemicals and is environmentally stable, decomposing over an extended time.

When draining solutions are not enough to eradicate soil salinity in your plants and crops, try GreenFlash Technology's SaltDetox natural solutions for a natural alternative to increase plant growth.
One of the most practical and popular uses for our products is for common yet embarrassing home or outdoor animal caused odor. Skunk smell in particular can be not only the most unbearable odor but is notorious for being the most difficult to remove. Running ceiling fans, opening windows, shampooing carpets and using deodorizers that simply mask the smell temporarily quite simply does not suffice. Stronger skunk smells that have worked their way into furniture, clothes, or carpeting can linger for several months to several years if immediate action is not taken. Our skunk odor removers are not only some of the most powerful on the market but we offer them in a variety of products specialized to suit your specific needs.

Urine smell from pets can ruin the most beautiful of homes. What makes dealing with that urine smell especially difficult is that after just a few weeks, the unsuspecting pet owner can become completely desensitized to the smell, not realizing how offensive it really is to visiting family and friends. Urine smell from pets goes beyond home owner embarrassment. Our odor removal products are specifically formulated to remove your pet's worst urine-based stains and odors from carpets, hard surfaces, clothing, kennels, carriers, and more. Most importantly GFT products are designed to be 100% human safe, pet safe, environmentally safe, compatible for odor-hypersensitive and hypo-allergenic people. Rather act as a masking agent or a temporary cover up, like most deodorizers our products attach to the source of the odor to maximize odor control at all times.