Advanced Product Technology for
Agriculture and Landscaping
• Augments and stimulates soil biological activity
• Restores "dead" and damaged soils
• Rebuilds compacted soils; improves aeration in the soil
• Increases water penetration and improves soil flocculation
• Builds biological humus in the soil
• Improves root growth
• Improves nitrogen balance; maintains N-K balance
• Improves budding and fruit set in crops
• Nourishes new plants
TurfRestore-1013 (10-0-0) is a premium nutrient-based soil preparation and conditioning agent that restores turf damage from poor or "dead" soil conditions, such as low microbial activity, soil compaction, poor aeration, poor flocculation, excessive wear, etc. This product is designed for large turf or grass areas, such as golf courses, parks and large home or business lawns.
SoilProtect-1014 (6-0-0) is a nitrogen-sulfur fertilizer that protects and strengthens turf roots from nematodes, unhealthy fungi, and other poor soil conditions.. it contains microbes, enzymes, organic acids and bio-activators. It improves the soil microbial balance while adding a layer of protection from undesirable microbe conditions.
GardenPrime-1022 (4-2-1) is a general-purpose pro-biotic foliar nutrient and soil fertilizer. it is designed for home gardens, flower areas, lawns, trees, vegetable areas, etc. It contains all of the nutrients, organic acids, microbes, and bio-activators to restore life and enhance any home garden or lawn. It improves soil aeration, water retention and plant root growth.
TreePrime-1023 (5-2-1) is a premium fertilizer/conditioner that supports tree long-term health and vitality. It is very powerful in restoring sick or dying trees; it facilitates now growth, and it helps establish new trees or transplanted trees in a new environment. TreePrime-1023 supports fruit growth and improves the trees' productivity. It can be used in difficult soil conditions to help trees overcome the damaged, saline or stressed soil conditions.
VeggiePrime-1026 (3-4-1) is a premium nutrient fertilizer designed for the home vegetable and fruit garden. it provides key nutrients, promotes flowering and bud growth, and encourages plant root growth. It restores poor soils, and improves soil aeration and water retention. It is the surest way to having a successful home garden, with healthy, vibrant fruits and vegetables.
PalmPrime-1027 (3-1-3) is a balanced nutrient fertilizer designed to enhance palm tree growth in both tropical and arid or semi-arid environments. It provides the optimum balance of nutrients for palm trees, augments the soil microbial activity to facilitate growth in difficult soil conditions, and protects against saline conditions in the soil. it also reduces the levels of water, pesticides and other fertilizers.
BrixBoost-1030 (0-3-21) is a nutrient fertilizer that translocates sugar and color from the plant to the fruit or vegetable. it increases the sucrose, fructose, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in the plant fruit. BrixBoost-1030 is applied shortly before harvest to bring the sugar/nutrient levels to the optimum level at harvest time.
GreensPrime-1041 (7-1-1) is a premium nutrient fertilizer, turf enhancement and soil restoration product. it has been designed to provide outstanding results on golf course greens and tees, heavily-used park and playground grass areas, and anywhere that a strong, healthy grass area is desired. It maintains a deep color, improves playability, and provides a stronger, more flexible turf product. it also helps reduce nematode damage and helps overcome compaction and other problems with heavily-used lawn areas.
•FT brings the world of advanced technology to today's farm, garden and turf areas. This is accomplished by a unique combination of live microbes, organic acids, hormones , polymers, nutrients and other compounds, working together to transform the plant and soil environment in which they are placed. The effect is to enhance the microbial activity in the soil and to multiply the effects of the available nutrients. With the GFT product line, soil microbes are both added and enhanced to greatly increase humus production in the soil and improve nutrient transportability to the crops and plants.
Some of the specific benefits of these products are: