Nature's Answer to Odorous Sludge-Filled Manure Lagoons and Pits
AWR-404™ biodegrades & deodorizes animal waste in evaporation ponds & lagoons. AWR-404™ is a proprietary bio complex formulated to degrade animal waste through bio- remediation. It's a dry, multiple purpose animal waste degrader containing a synergistic blend of aerobic, facultative & anaerobic microbials (selectively adapted to degrade difficult compounds & chemicals present in manure pits, lagoons & farm environment waste water effluent), along with macro/micronutrients and surface tension penetrants. It will degrade grease, oils, cellulose & organic waste. Additional microbial strains provide rapid breakdown & digestion of difficult & non-biodegradable compounds such as detergents, paper, hydrocarbons & phenols. AWR-404™ cultures colonize in either the presence or absence of oxygen. It provides an economical alternative to dredging lagoon sludge & eliminates expensive handling costs & out-of-service time for lagoons. It liquefies manure solids with a higher nutrient availability for growing crops with reduced nitrate leaching, allows complete pump-out of manure pits & lagoons, reduces manure odor & files in manure & manure lagoons, helps compost manure for land applications, buffers salts in manure & reduces plugging of irrigation pipes.
Before GFT will treat your animal waste lagoon/pit, our Field Reps will ask you a variety of questions so we can determine the most effective treatment protocol for you. These questions will include information such as the type animals on your farm, size of herd, volume of your lagoon/pit when full, surface dimensions, average depth of lagoon/pit, your pumping cycle and more. It's important we know if you use sawdust or straw for your animals; if you have a sand separator (and if it's working!); your weather conditions and issues YOU want and need to address. This information is then analyzed to generate a customized treatment protocol that will achieve your desired results.
GFT's "Animal Waste Remediation" ('AWR') Solution has been successfully used in numerous situations on US dairy and hog farms; and even overseas in winter months. During our past few years in working with the animal production farm operations, we've met many extraordinary owners and managers who are progressive in their thinking and totally committed to working with us in correcting their unsolved issues. Many times animal waste lagoons go untreated - and their resulting issues and problems unsolved - because the farmers are not yet aware of AWR.
• First, it eliminates animal waste odors which are not only noxious, but can be detrimental to anyone around them as well as animals and our environment.
• Second, it provides simultaneous liquefying and improvement of the fertilizing capacity of the resultant effluent (sludge).

The AWR System is a 'next-generation' solution that eliminates the odors and turns harmful manure wastes into a very high-grade fertilizer without any of the polluting, carcinogen-producing properties of the raw manure and which will remain in the root zone of the plants to which it is applied. An end result for animal production facilities is a less noxious odor as well as a high-nutrient manure which allows the facility to increase their income base from manure operations; while keeping everyone involved (including neighbors, workers and government supervision entities) happier and healthier.
The AWR Solution System is economical and practical. It improves the quality of the animal waste that becomes manure, negates harmful odors, generates a healthy soil under the manure pits, and creates nutrient-rich manure which can be safely put on our food crops. It also helps control the impact of wastes and waste by-products in the water systems.
The AWR System is multi-fold.
For more information, please give us a call at 949-646-4770 so we may put you in touch with a GreenFlash Representative in your area. If you are located in MN, WI, NE, ND, SD, or IA, you can contact STEARNS VETERINARIAN OUTLET, our exclusive distributor in those states whose corporate office is in Melrose, MN at 877-608-3877.
MuniMicro-422 is a micrnutrient formulation designed to enhance the performance of AWR-404 in a lagoon or manure pit. It contains micronutrients, trace minerals (including calcium, iron, magnesium, etc.), amino acids and vitamins. This product improves floc generation, speeds up the degradation rate, lowers BOD and helps maintain the vitality of the microbial polulation in the lagoon. The additon of small amounts of this product reduces the level of microbail treatments required. When applied togetehr,they will provide an optimum allocation of resources to cost- effectively clean and degrade any animal waste pit or lagoon.

Manure Remediation Special Report