Normally, only one to four ounces (depending on tree size) of TreePrime-1023 added to a tree with one to two gallons of water (and repeated two weeks later) will transform the condition of the tree from sick or dying to vibrant and healthy. While there are tree conditions that it may not be able to cure (see table above), it will NEVER harm the tree or surrounding flora, but it will only give the tree its best chance for survival. The page of this website on Examples gives a few representative examples of how TreePrime-1023 helped specific tree conditions, but there are many more successful stories of trees saved and brought back to vigorous, healthy life.
A recent report (1) from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) asked the question, "When is a tree unhealthy?" The answer they provided is "when symptoms are observed in the crown, on the foliage, or on the stems (shoots, branches, trunks). The impracticality of examining tree roots or failure to do so may mask important evidence, but for serious problems (these) are usually manifest in the other (observable) parts of the tree."

GreenFlash Technologies' has studied the various components of tree health and sickness and has created a product, TreePrime-1023, that provides both the proper nutrient balance for most trees and the needed stimulation of the biological microbial population of the soil to encourage tree growth under most all conditions. It is a powerful additive during transplanting to eliminate shock and will virtually guarantee the tree will survive the planting; and it is a potent tool for maintaining the health and vitality of most trees in most environments.
TreePrime-1023 works in the soil, in the root zone of the tree, stimulating the soil microbial population to produce humus and to provide an environment for optimal tree health. This helps the soil to hold water, improves the transfer of nutrients to the tree and helps aerate compacted or structurally impacted soils. While some conditions may require the services of a professional arborist to diagnose the specific problem, MANY tree problems can be solved with one or two applications of TreePrime-1023. The cost is a fraction of the value of a tree or the cost of an arborist and will always help your tree to be stronger, healthier and more beautiful than ever before.
TreePrime-1023 helps create a balanced soil environment for the trees regardless of their natural environment. Balanced soils have a structure of 25% water, 25% air, 45% minerals and 5% organic material or humus. If these elements get out of balance, major problems occur. For example, too much water leads to black layer; too little air causes compacted soils and poor water penetration. A lack of humus leads to leaching and loss of nutrients. Healthy balanced soil contains billions of micro-organisms (including bacteria, fungi, etc.) But most soils are less than 15% of optimum microorganism levels. Some tilled soils are totally lacking in one or more of these critical organisms. When microorganism numbers near the optimum level (60 to 80%) of the organic matter, soil is converted into humus which is the slow release reservoir of plant nutrients. At low microorganism levels (less than 20% of the organic matter), soils are virtually impotent.
Humus is the organic portion of soil formed from the partial decomposition of vegetable or animal matter in or on the soil. Humus formation in soils is essential because it acts as a sponge in holding moisture and bonding minerals and nutrients in the root zones of the plant. Soils rich in humus and organic matter buffer the plant from harmful salts and toxins which tend to accumulate in the soil after years of chemical applications. The aerobic biological systems that live in the soil breakdown and assimilate organic nutrients and create humus. When fed with nutrients and water and a good supply of oxygen, indigenous microbial populations in the soil perform multiple functions critical to growth and survival such as nitrogen fixation, soil aggregation, oxygen and carbon dioxide release, mineral conversion for plant use, buffering of toxic conditions in the soil environment, rhizosphere protection to the root system, translocation of nutrients in plant tissue, etc.
While TreePrime-1023 contains the primary macro-nutrients (N-P-K, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium), it differs significantly from fertilizers and other products on the market and includes many ingredients not present in most commercial fertilizers. These include micro-formulated nutrients, organic acids, growth regulators, enzymes, secondary metabolites from algae, carbohydrates, surfactants and polysaccharides. Although not needed in as large quantities as the primary nutrients these additional ingredients help the plant improve its vital functions so it can produce better yields of higher quality with less energy, requiring lower maintenance and fewer chemical additives.
Tree Restoration
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Maple Tar Spot
Maple Leaf Scorch
Oak Leaf Blister
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Armarillaria Oak Root Rot
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