Eliminate Odors and Pet Stains Forever !
According to "Wikipedia": "Odor is a sensation caused by odorant molecules dissolved in the air". That's a mouthful, isn't it? WE have found the easiest way to define odor is to break it down into two categories... Good or Bad!

Through our sense of smell, we're able to detect a variety of odors that we "classify" on the good side as soothing, fragrant, enticing, flowery, or sensual and on the bad side as putrid, fowl, obnoxious or phew! A skunk smell, on the other hand, is in a class of its own!
" Human safe
" Pet safe
" Environmentally safe
" Compatible for odor-hypersensitive people
" Compatible for hypoallergenic people
All 444 products can be used anywhere and everywhere. 444™ is a microbial product. It eliminates all organic odors and can be used ANYWHERE you have an odor. (CAUTION: PLEASE DO NOT spray on anything electrical or an item that is not water-tolerant!)
KennelFresh-444™ removes all types of organic pet stains - pet odors - from dogs, cats, mice, rats, ferrets, rabbits, horses, guinea pigs, birds and more.
OdorOut-444™, KennelFresh-444™ and SkunkOut-444™ are microbial-based (bacteria) and the microbes penetrate the odor molecules and metabolize the carbon atoms, totally eliminating odors and stains caused by the source. Because the source is eradicated, the odors/stains never return.
Residential uses for 444 products include:
Bathrooms * Bedrooms * Closets * Foyers * Cupboards * Kitchens Basements * Attics * Clothing (Washable) * Carpeting * Bedspreads Garages Pillows * Lawn Furniture * Storage Units * Cars * Trucks * RVs * Trailers Purses * Cigarette smoke * Cigar smoke * Wet pets * Dirty pets * Pet beds Pet clothing * Human clothing* Crawl spaces * Diaper pails * Bassinets * Cribs * Litter boxes * Coats * Coat closets * Boats * Ashtrays * Silk plants Towels * Showers/Tubs * Sofas & Chairs * Curtains * Recycle & Garbage cans Skunk visits * Spoiled milk * And LOTS more!
Today's best-selling air fresheners "mask" odors with perfumes and/or alcohols. These products do not eliminate the actual organic source of the odors, which then re-appear after the fragrance has worn off. While alcohols may kill bacterial components of some sources, these rarely are the principal contributors of the odors. Our 444™ formula is odorless except for a very mild scent of one of the surfactants. Once sprayed, the microbial action guarantees that ALL odors disappear!
It's important that all of us do what we can to save our environment, so why not begin with OdorOut-444™ andKennelFresh-444™ products? They're natural, microbial, and will NOT harm the air with toxic emissions like other shelf products that contain harmful chemicals.
It's difficult to not remember the total devastation wreaked by Hurricanes Rita, Wilma and Katrina in 2005. GFT donated OdorOut-444™ to a church in New Orleans that had contained over nine feet of water. The odors were so bad that no one could enter without a protective face mask. The volunteers sprayed OdorOut-444™ throughout the church twice and the odors disappeared! That's because the microbials in OdorOut-444™ are so aggressive they were able to eliminate the odor sources from the many contributions of infested flood waters, including all the molds. One week after OdorOut-444™ was sprayed, the church was re-painted and to this day the odors haven't returned.
Commercial uses for OdorOut-444™, SkunkOut-444™and KennelFresh-444™ include:
Hotels * Motels * Assisted Care Facilities * Auto & Truck Dealerships * Sports Equipment * Sports Clothing * Sports Shoes * Sport Uniforms * Locker Rooms Recreation Halls * Kennels * Mold/Mildew odors * Sports Arenas * Sports Seating * Boats * RV's * ATV's *Clothing stores * Smoke-filled rooms Casinos * Taxicabs * Car Rentals * Barns * Skunks * Animal pens * Party rooms * Cigarette/Cigar rooms * And LOTS more!


Odor and The Power
of 444
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Overcoming odors has never been easier than with our products OdorOut-444™ SkunkOut-444™, and KennelFresh-444™. Years of research and refining
went into our odor products so we could make them: